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Glowing Mask

Led Light Up Glowing Mask, Luminous Glow In The Dark 7 Colors
Price: $ 20.00

$ 1.20 Excl. tax  

In Stock

A comfortable mask with elastic adjustable ear loops has 11 glowing light mode Levels and 4 Flashing modes, perfect for bars, night clubs, rave festivals, Halloween Costume party and more

The really cool colors will shine through and make you stand out. You will love the florescent green, Gorgeous Sapphire Blue, pink/purple, red, and the fiber optic fabric makes this mask exceptional

 Includes built in battery and a USB Charger cable.

3 Layers of Fiber Optic Fabric.

Custom Mask is FCC CE RoHS Certified, top layer is black non-woven, has insert for a changeable filter for comfortable breathing. Comes with PM 2.5 changing filter.

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